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The Instigators

Indigenous Mugwai Chattering Riverflow is a helpless victim of demon possession and in desperate need of an exerciser. Writing novels serves chiefly as a welcome break from the arduous routine of non-stop concerts, free events, and bookstore lounging that consumes most of the author’s time.


Amana Mission Ariadne Riverflow (AMAR) is a New Age Radical Pythagorean and Hairy Tic. As Founder of the Church of the Mountain’s Daughter of Latter-Day Pranksters, she spends most of her time inventing blasphemous religious jokes and working wonders with string.


The two hail from Rainbow Country, and intend to return to their homeland as soon as they find that misplaced Constitution.

Dude, where’d my civil liberties go? Dunno. Maybe got tossed with the junk mail.


AMPI Alternative Press is the mindchild of two lifetimes leading up to this spectacularly understated debut. With luck, she will survive her infancy to become mother to many diverse writers, not just these semi-demented satirists on extended leave from the Snake Pit.

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